Cost: $ 160.00 *Includes all learning materials as described below.

Purpose:  To gain the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to own and operate a pistol safely.

Length of course:     Ten hours.

Learning materials:  All course materials are provided,  including the required text, The Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook.

Safety equipment: Students are required to attend training with the following items: closed-toe footwear, hearing protection, eye protectors with side panels, stiff-brimmed cap (baseball-type).  Recommended items, though not required, include liquid hydration (water, electrolyte drink), sunscreen, bug repellent, and food/snacks. Hearing and eye protectors are available on-site for purchase or rental at a minimal fee.

Firearms & Ammo: Firearms and ammunition are included in this course.   Students who desire to bring their own firearm must also bring ammunition for their firearm.  Students must give notice at the time of registration including caliber and adhere  to the following safety regulations:

1.  Firearm and ammunition must remain locked inside your vehicle.  Firearm must be unloaded and in cased condition. The instructor will notify participants when it is appropriate to retrieve your firearm.


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